Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI) Has Released Covid-19 Global Impact Tracker Web App

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / April 14, 2020 / Robotic Online Intelligence Ltd (ROI), an AI-powered business intelligence and analytics startup, has released Covid-19 Global Impact Tracker, a free-to-access mobile website with robo-curated news headlines, tweets and data.

With Covid-19 Global Impact Tracker on Signallium(TM), the users can track the latest news and announcements from the web and select twitter accounts, all filtered through our Kubro(TM) market intelligence engine, updating every few minutes, with the regional tags and the following topic models:

– Search for Vaccine & Cure

– Policy Response & Macro

– Bans & Restrictions

– Business Impact

– Latest Data

– Markets Impact

The new application draws on the Signallium(TM) framework from Robotic Online Intelligence and the recently launched Signallium(TM) | China Property (ref. press release[1]).

“We have built the app with an investor or a business user in mind – including for our own use in tracking the impact across the world and the broader consequences”, commented Robert Ciemniak, the Founder-CEO of Robotic Online Intelligence.

The sources are primarily a few hundred manually curated publicly available global news media websites and select twitter accounts, all at this stage in English only. The latest data comes from the sets made available publicly by John Hopkins University.

The analytics cover how headline-level mentions of words related to stimulus, recession, ‘back to work’ and vaccine have trended since the end of January (30 day moving average, using relative word frequency indices).

The web app, optimised for mobile use, is freely available, with a simple registration with an email:

For an instant access without registration – click below (until April 18):[2][3]

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Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI), founded in 2017 and based in Hong Kong, provides AI-powered tools for data, research and investment firms, helping them save a significant amount of time in research of publicly available intelligence – through automation and workflow tools for data teams – in the search, collection, filtering, and communication of information.

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